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Bestop Organizers


bestop organizers

We all know that Bestop is the world’s leading producer of aftermarket Jeep tops.  They also make a ton of other stuff related to both Jeep and trucks.  While all of those products will be covered in time, today we are going to talk about the organizational solutions that are made by Bestop.  With the exception of the Hoss, these organizers each allow you to make the most out of the meager storage space offered by a Jeep.


Hoss is actually the acronym for Bestop’s Hardtop Organization Storage System.  This is a true Jeeper dream.  With this organization system, you do not have to worry about finding the perfect out of the way place to store your hardtop, full doors or anything else for your Jeep.  By keeping them in the Hoss, they stay free from scratches, dirt and grime...

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Experience and Enjoy Your Drive with Genuine Jeep Accessories


jeep yj

The easiest way to make your Jeep look striking and appealing is to equip it with different kinds of genuine accessories.  If you are serious on giving your vehicle a personality, then start your search over the Web and magazines dedicated to Jeep accessories.

The market offers a myriad of accessories for each Jeep model and make depending on the different requirements and needs of every Jeep devotees all over the world.  You can find the essential parts like brake shoes, front and rear bumper, head panel, wheels, wheel cover, water pump, rotor, etc.  Designers and engineers of accessories for Jeep never stop from making new ones...

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Jeep Accessories Buyers Guide


jeep wrangler silver

One of the main responsibilities or burdens which come with owning a Jeep is that you will always be on the lookout for new parts and accessories to upgrade, customize and improve the look and performance of your vehicle for numerous applications. The Jeep lends itself to numerous customization options based on your needs and where you are looking for aesthetic improvements, imagination. Here is a simple Jeep accessories guide which you can use to learn more about the accessories and weigh your options as you plan your customization projects.

Body armor trail doors for the TJ and JK

Trail doors are designed to protect the occupants of the Jeep from the various trail obstacles. They are very unique doors built with gusset plates to offer extra strength and protection...

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5 Tips for Customizing your Jeep Wrangler


jeep wrangler with mountain background

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most versatile vehicles and will literally take you anywhere you might dare to venture into simply by adding a few customizations. When it comes to customizing your Jeep Wrangler, the choices available can only be limited by your imagination and of course pockets.  If you are planning to venture out with your Jeep Wrangler, some of the most common adjustments which you can add include:-

  • Adding Jeep Wrangler tops
  • Installing Jeep lift kits
  • Installing racks
  • Installing fender flares to your Jeep Wrangler
  • Adding seat covers
  • Adding Jeep Wrangler spare tire covers
  • Installing the light bars

Soft tops

These are by far the most common Jeep Wrangler accessories which many owners will install on their vehicle partly due to their absolute necessity...

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Types of Jeep seat covers


jeep seat covers smittybilt

The Jeep remains one of the most iconic vehicles ever produced and many models are still awe-inspiring and a status symbol in many countries. Whether on the road or the off-road trails, the Jeep cars are much revered for their performance and prestige. One of the great joys of owning a Jeep is the chance to customize it and completely tailor it to your heart’s desire using varied Jeep accessories. One of the most popular customization is adding the Jeep seat covers to protect your vehicle seats from damage and degradation. With the appropriate seat covers customization you can keep the interior of your Jeep vehicle looking sharp while also providing a protective cover.

There are several kinds of Jeep seat covers which you can choose for your vehicles and these vary based on designs and ...

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Give Your Jeep a New Stylish Appeal with a New Lift Kit


skyjacker 4 inch lift kit

There are plenty of reasons why Jeep owners want a lift kit.  Aside from the opportunity of customizing their vehicle, their primary reason for installing a new kit is to augment the height of their Jeep.  Others may only want a kit to make their vehicle look magnificent and awesome on the road.  Regardless of your reasons on buying a new lift kit, you need to bear in mind that there are some factors to consider prior to mounting a new Jeep lift kit.

An aftermarket accessory, a lift kit makes your Jeep to have a lofty look by raising its suspension or body.  This gives your vehicle an edge especially on rough and coarse surfaces.  By mounting a new lift kit, you can install bigger tires which are better than the previous tires fitted to your Jeep during your purchase...

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Rugged Ridge Mirrors


rugged ridge mirrorsIf you are a Jeeper then the chances are that you are well acquainted with Rugged Ridge.  If not, then you should be aware that Rugged Ridge is a highly respected manufacturer of after-market Jeep parts and accessories.  They have earned a reputation for high quality, dependable parts at prices you can afford.

Now, Rugged Ridge does make all sorts of parts and accessories for Jeeps.  That being said, today we are going to concentrate on Jeep mirrors.  Mirrors are a huge factor in your driving whether you know it or not.  A mirror is one of those parts that we use all the time and don’t think about it but when they are gone we are lost.  We depend so much on our mirrors not only for our safety but also for the safety of anything or anyone around your moving vehicle.

While Rugged Rid...

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Removing Dents from Your Vehicle


Getting dents in a vehicle is one of automobile owners’ worst nightmares. The unsightly look of imperfection on their vehicle for others to see can be humiliating. The cost of repairing the dent or dents is financially damaging. And for some motorists, “It’s not a matter of vanity. It’s just that…it looked so GOOD!”

For drivers who like to get the best results, before they start to fix any dent, they should wash that portion of the car. That way, they should be certain there is nothing that would interfere along with tools. It also gives for a good seal–that is, if they are likely to utilize a method of suction to get rid of the dents in their vehicle.

The tools for fixing dents are long, flat, and very rigid in order to allow the correct amount of pressure being applied, witho...

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